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The Bellarmine Writing Collective

The Bell Online proudly presents our collaboration with the Bell Writing Collective! Every month, the Collective votes on the best short story their members write, published right here on our website. These hand-selected stories are some of the best written by our Bells here on campus, so please feel free to take a look! Sections for each month’s short story winner are organized within the collaboration category, for your convenience. Happy reading!

The Bellarmine Writing Collective – A Mission Statement

Reading, as with many others, has always been a favorite pastime of mine. I’ve spent many summer days simply laying on the bed and devouring any book that came my way. Soon, however, finding a good book was hard. The plotlines in Young Adult Fiction were either uninteresting or overly complicated. Soon, I came to the conclusion that the teenage perspective was severely underrepresented in the literary world. It was easy to find good books meant for young minds and classics meant for mature readers, yet there were few in-betweeners that could satisfy the teenage mind. So, I and a few friends, with the help of Ms. Collins, decided to start the Bell Writing Collective. We wanted to slowly but surely change the landscape of the literary world. If you want to join the club, or have any questions, send an email to,, or

– Aaron Jaison ’25, Bell Writing Collective Editor-in-Chief

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