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The Bellarmine Maker Lab

The Bell Online proudly presents our collaboration with the Bellarmine Maker Lab! Whether you’re on your way to your fifth period class, or simply hanging around after school, you can always see the bright lights and the whirring noises of the Maker Lab in full display, down in Carney. The club prides itself on original and innovative gadgets, which are littered in the windows and shelves of the lab! Featuring their newest products and inventions, catch up on the latest in the lab right here at Bell Online!

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What is the Maker Lab?

The Maker Lab is a creative space for students to work on personal projects, as well as community-based projects for other departments of the school. The Maker Lab doesn’t identify as a traditional club, but more of an open community for anyone to join. It’s moderated by several teachers and a Student Leadership Team that organizes activities, hosts events, leads projects, and helps maintain the space.

The Maker Lab contains various tools, including a CNC Mill, Waterjet Cutter, Laser Cutter, 3D Printers, T-Shirt Press, and a range of power tools. Once onboarded and properly trained, students may use the Lab’s tools for any project they like!

Check out their Instagram page, @bcpmakerlab, to see examples of their past projects!

How can I get started?

Just come by C- 002 and speak with a moderator or mentor, and they’ll add you to their email list! After that, look out for an email detailing when onboardings and trainings are taking place, and attend them, no previous experience necessary!

What is the Job Board?

The Job Board is a virtual bulletin where teachers and faculty members can ask us for creative solutions to projects they may have. When students sign up for Jobs, they are taught how to use the relevant tools and helped through the process by senior mentors. It’s a great way to build on your Lab experiences and apply your knowledge to the real world!

For example, in October of 2022, the Maker Lab worked with the Mother’s Guild to build light-up box letters as decorations for the Fashion Show fundraiser, as shown below. The team of students that designed and assembled these letters had the opportunity to use the Laser Cutter as they cut and glued several plywood boards. Although this happens to be a uniquely large project, it’s important to note that Jobs range in scale and students are supported by Lab mentors throughout the process.

What other groups operate out of the Maker Lab?

Currently, the Maker Lab has two subdivisions, the Bellarmine Combat Robotics Competition and the Bellarmine Aerospace team, both of which will receive their own articles in the coming weeks.

When is the Maker Lab open?

Every day during Community Time and after school, except Fridays, which is when the Student Leadership Team meets.

Who are the Maker Lab’s moderators?

BCP faculty members, David Dutton, Peng Yav, Kim Bathker, Sam Goldstein, and Daniel Stefanescu moderate the Lab on a daily basis and help students develop their projects.

Have any other questions?

Just come the Maker Lab (C-002) and ask!

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