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The Bellarmine Political Review

The Bell Online proudly presents our newest collaboration with the Bellarmine Political Review! Every May, the BPR publishes high-quality articles about prominent political topics circulating the news. Ranging from local issues to international conflicts, the BPR covers a wide range of topics and issues for own digestion. We will feature their drafted articles on our website on a monthly basis, culminating content until their publication arrives in May. Happy reviewing!

News for you – A Mission Statement from the Bellarmine Political Review

We are a nonpartisan publication of student opinion and analysis articles from Bellarmine College Prep in San Jose, California. Our goal is to spread the news, opinions and editorials on political issues, both locally and abroad. We aim to elevate the voices of the next generation of voters, activists, and politicians.

The Bellarmine Political Review


Local news

Issues involving San Jose, the greater Bay Area and California.

National news

Focuses on the national legislature, White House and other areas of government in relation to itself, its population and the world in general.

International politics

International trade, global conflicts, geopolitics and other global events and occurrences.

The Bellarmine Political Review

Check out the BPR’s website with this link:

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