Skybridge Three

written by our collaborators at the Maker Lab

by Samskrith Raghav ’25

Following the success of Skybridge 2, our Bellarmine Aerospace club aimed for an even more impressive feat with Skybridge 3. This latest flight incorporated advanced digital sensors, a revamped frame, and all the lessons learned from our previous launches. Motivated by the upcoming solar eclipse in mid-October, we hustled to equip Skybridge 3 with a cutting-edge 360-degree camera to capture the celestial event. With features like an integrated digital thermometer and a redesigned frame for enhanced durability, including the ability to withstand water landings, Skybridge 3 stands as our most versatile and resilient payload to date. This project was a race against time, and with hard work and determination, we proudly present our greatest triumph, Skybridge 3.

A Bridge to the Stars – a poem composed for Skybridge 3

I woke up and the sky was black
Stars shining viciously
With nervous, sinking, thinking thoughts
I get up fearfully

I get dressed as the sky turns blue
And run through all the code
Nervously I look for bugs
As the car hits the road

I looked up and the sky was red
We readied for the launch
Months of hard fought, hard earned work
Bet all upon this flight

We launched it as the sun turned black
Eclipsed by the full moon
The skybridge but a point of light
Minutes, disappeared too soon

We tracked it down within three hours
The sky was in full bloom
We captured all the pictures when
The sun eclipsed the moon

And so the mission had gone well
And though we had to learn
We felt the need to celebrate
A victory well earned

Learn more about Skybridge and Bellarmine Aerospace

Images courtesy of Jeffrey Jones

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