New Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Yu

Mr. Terry Yu is a new member of the Math Department, teaching Probability and Statistics as well as Discrete Math. Originally from Southern California, he’s been in the Bay Area for over 13 years now. He graduated from UCLA with a double major in Computer Science Engineering and Economics. Afterwards, he received his teaching credential and Masters at Stanford. In the two years he spent before coming to Bellarmine, he traveled around the world and tried a variety of things out. He went across the globe to places like Shanghai, Taipei, Lima, Sweden, and Oslo. Between his travels, he many jobs including contracting at LinkedIn, driving for Lyft, and as a consultant for an education startup. However, Bellarmine isn’t his first foray into the world of high school teaching: he worked at Monta Vista High School and Fremont High School for nearly ten years prior to his travels. His biggest goal this year is to get to know his students and build a strong community of learning for them.

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