iPhone 7: Innovative or Unnecessary?

Cracked your iPhone? Dropped it in the bathtub? Don’t worry: you can always just get the newer model. In the wake of the release of the iPhone 7, we explore gut reactions to the controversial new updates to the Apple suite of products.


Each year, Apple comes up with an updated version of their current products, while throwing in an occasional surprise product. These “updates” typically include a nicer camera, a faster processor, a software available to older platforms as well, a higher resolution screen, and occasionally a different design. One could argue that Apple simply changes the name of the model, since the changes are often so insignificant. However, there is something alluring about the “newest model” that draws people to keep updating their phones. With the release conference unveiling the iPhone 7 and a new Apple Watch partnership with Nike, students and faculty at Bellarmine have had mixed reactions to the new products.


Mr. Wong, who has integrated Apple products into his personal life and classes, spoke about the new iPhone and said, “I am obviously gonna get one, simply because I want one. I like the waterproof idea; the reason for the release of the Bluetooth and wireless headphones was maybe for the need for the battery, and not really a matter of courage. If they wanted to make the phone good, they should have just gotten rid of the lightning port quickly and introduced wireless charging. I am still an Apple guy. I think we have become accustomed to the iPhone, and because of that the iPhone has somewhat lost its glamor.”


One of the biggest changes to the new iPhone is definitely the removal of the audio port. While some think that it makes their headphones useless, the fact of the matter is that the phone comes with an audio jack-to-lightning port adapter. However, the idea of charging your iPhone while listening to music may just be a thing of the past.


On the new iPhone 7, Jeffrey Ma ’18 said, “I am not surprised seeing this from Apple after their lightning charger fiasco. The corporation has impossibly outdone themselves with this headphone jack removal, and it is questionable to call this new iPhone innovative. However, I would probably buy [it] if it didn’t cost an arm and a leg.”


As Mr. Wong pointed out, the cutthroat nature of Silicon Valley and the expectation of releasing new products every year has really made us less impressed and excited for these new devices. Since Apple is pressured to release products annually, the disparity between models has become very small. Nevertheless, expect to see the new iPhone 7 in the pockets of many students and teachers anyways.

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