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Here at Bellarmine, there are two types of clubs: the one that seemingly every Bell joins at least once, and the one that goes unnoticed by the majority. Both types are great but let’s focus on the ones you may not know exist. Club Day may be over, but the opportunity to join a club is open to you all year-round.

The Fencing Club – Do Not Parry This Club!

While everyone knows about basketball, football, baseball, and soccer, many athletes oddly forget about the competitive Olympic sport of fencing. For any young man, the opportunity to practice swordsmanship should be intriguing and compelling.

The Fencing Club’s president, Alex Villegas ’18, agreed with the allures of fencing, citing its emphasis on both physical and mental strength and cunning. “I think fencers need to be crafty and quick, and that really drew me towards it,” said Alex. “Now, it has become something that I really love and enjoy doing.”

Although Alex has over 5 years of experience as a fencer, the desire to teach newcomers about the sport of fencing led him to create this club.

Alex stated, “I want the fencing club to be a place where people can learn about the sport, and where experienced fencers can practice and hone their skills.”

The passion for fencing, once exposed, is contagious, and Alex would like to help everyone that is interested. While experience is preferred, there is no prejudice against anyone that does not have the gear or any prior training.

For Alex, he hopes that the fencing club will eventually develop into a team, which could compete against other teams around the Bay Area.

Anyone that is interested and/or has questions can contact Alex at

The Filipino Student Association (FSA) – “Feel-ippines” the Rhythm

Adding an American twist to Filipino culture passed down from prior generations, the Filipino Student Association aims to express their culture through the medium of dance.

While the Filipino Student Association celebrates the values and customs of the Philippines, anyone that is intrigued with dance and foreign cultures is welcome in the club.

When asked about make the FSA intriguing, club president, Sam Ebalobo ’18, stated “I think it is important for us to celebrate foreign cultures here at Bellarmine, and we are able to do it in an extremely fun way.”

Mixing modern hip-hop music with traditional Filipino dances, such as the bamboo stick tinikling dance, the FSA works with other high schools in the diocese, including Presentation and Notre Dame, to put on various shows.

Even for people that are not interested in dancing, the appeal of the FSA still remains high. Sam explains, “We connect with each other with great food and great music. Anyone can enjoy and partake in that.”

Catch some of their upcoming performances:

November 29: Simbang Gabi at Santa Clara University

January 29: Santo Niño in Liccardo

Anyone that is interested and/or has questions can contact Sam at

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