Behind the Scenes of Party in the Quad

By: Dominic Macasiray

When the final bell rang on that last day of finals on the Bellarmine campus the majority of Bell students took off to summer; meanwhile, our ASB team jumped straight into planning and prepping for the student events of upcoming school year.

One of their most noted projects is the welcome back event, Party in the Quad. Party in the Quad is an annual social event with a variety of food and games, hosted by the school’s newly appointed leaders, and will take place on August 25th from 4 PM to 7 PM.

Contrary to student belief, the faculty have a very small role in this event in comparison to the work of the students. The school’s activity director and ASB advisor, Mrs. Patel, oversees all the progress made over the summer and speaks with confidence when bringing up the accomplishments of our student body representatives.

“I trust them [ASB]. I trust that this is their event for the student population that elected them and the guys that have come in as appointed commissioners have shown that they are trust worthy. They have shown that they are hard-working and that they are reliable,”

Mrs. Patel said. “My job is to help guide them and their job is to execute it. Everyone learns as they go, and we learn from year to year. Every year that we do this, we just want it to get better and make it really awesome for the kids that come.”

Mrs. Patel described how a multitude of talents and skills were put into the production of this event.

“Some stuff includes the graphic designers putting together the digital posters and special events guys making sure all the stations are set up with people to run them. I do some of the initial work, typically the things that involve money. But from there, ASB does whatever is tasked out to the individual commissioners to make sure that they’re taken care of,” Mrs. Patel said.

Sophomore class president, Sean Nguyen, is one of many pitching in to help put together an event to remember, especially for new students. Being an underclassman himself, Sean’s first experience at Party in the Quad was truly beneficial to him, as it gave him an opportunity to start the school year with something enjoyable as well as an opportunity to make new friends.

“I remember last year that my new friends and I really wanted to win one of the t-shirt prizes from the school’s t-shirt cannon. I was lucky enough to catch one of them. It was fun running around and following it all over Party in the Quad,” Nguyen said. “Not only did I get a school shirt to remember from one of my first events as a Bell, but it’s also just a really great memory I’ll remember as well.”

Purchase your tickets at! Tickets are $10. Girls can purchase tickets for the same price, so make sure to tell your non-Bell friends to join in on the fun!



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