Last week, ASB and class representatives hosted the 2017 spirit week in an effort to energize students for Bell’s game against St. Francis, the infamous Holy Wars. Students across all grade levels successfully bonded together with events ranging from a Halloween costume contest to slip’n slide Dodgeball.

Senior Ethan Taitano and sophomore Jake Crandall coincidentally wore matching costumes, dressed as Hugh Hefner and his playboy bunny, and entered the costume contest with no prior notions of doing so. Not only did they win the partner category, but the pair captured the true essence of what spirit week means to the student body.

“Neither of us had talked to each other prior to today; it was completely coincidental. The whole thing about spirit week is bringing people, that don’t see each other as often, together. It helps make Bellarmine feel like more of a community.”

ASB understood that some events like the Belly Flop Contest was too much of a Bellarmine favorite to try to change, but they were determined to bring a competition that was never seen by Bellarmine before. So, they had an idea to take the simple game of Dodgeball and taking it to a new level by adding the slip n slide factor.

“[We wanted to] make it more even as it is fun for everyone,” said ASB’s junior class rep. “In regular dodge ball the smaller and less strong players are easily defeated by the stronger and larger players. By adding the Slip n’ Slide it gave everyone a huge disadvantage, making it more even.”