Gabriel Martinez Profile

Gabriel Martinez, a sophomore at Bellarmine, was just pulled up onto the Varsity team halfway through the season. Prior to his arrival, the team was just 2-3-2 on the season and floundering in 6th place. However, since joining the team, Gabriel has provided the necessary spark and with 1 goal and two assists in just four games has propelled the team to a 4-0 record. Bellarmine now sits at 3rd place with a great opportunity to overtake 2nd against their rivals Mitty.

Gabriel reflected on the change between JV and Varsity saying “It has been great starting the past few weeks and practicing with all the upperclassmen since I just get to learn new things everyday.” He added that the “Varsity practices are a lot more difficult and push me as I have to compete for a starting spot every week. But I thinks this ultimately helps me get better.”

As the team continues on its winning streak, Gabriel hopes they are able to keep their momentum, “As a team, I hope that we make CCS and ultimately win it.” But he also has set aside some personal goals he wishes to accomplish this season, “Individually, I hope to reach 5 assists and 5 goals” With one goal and two assists he is well on his way to accomplish his goal in the postseason.

Overall, Gabriel has really appreciated the opportunity to spend half the season gaining confidence and playing soccer with his classmates and best friends and now the second half challenging himself and competing in intense games. He reflected that” This season has motivated me to become a better player and help improve my team and motivate them to become CCS champs. Hopefully we can carry out our momentent and finish the rest of the season undefeated.” Hopefully, Gabriel can continue playing well and help propel the Bellarmine Varsity Soccer team to win the CCS championship.

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