Bellarmine vs Mitty CCS Title Game

Early in the first quarter, both teams struggled to shoot the ball because the defense by both teams was tenacious. However, once the quarter was about half way over the two offenses started producing. It became a back and forth affair, with both teams hitting shots and neither team really gained momentum over the other. At the end of the first quarter, the two teams were neck and neck, with a score of 18-16 Bells.

During the second quarter, there was more of the same. No side could grab momentum, and both teams kept trading baskets. Mitty was playing exceptional defense, they closed out hard on open shooters, and caused the Bells to rush and miss wide open shots. Mitty also started doubling Jake Wojcik ’18, making it almost impossible for him to score. The Bells also played some wonderful defense of their own, they never let Mitty get an open shot, and when a Mitty guard had an open lane to the basket the Bells would rotate and contest the shot. At the end of the half, the Bells had a slim 31-29 lead.

At the start of the 3rd, the Bells came out with a new intensity. It began with a Stubblefield ’18 open layup, which was followed up by an acrobatic lay up by Wojcik ’18. The Bells clearly had the momentum, Wojcik got a jump ball, and then on the next possession nailed a clutch three-pointer which caused a Mitty timeout, the Bells were on an 8-2 run. Out of the timeout, Mitty hits a wide-open three-pointer, but the Bells follow it up with a hook shot by Stubblefield ’18, and a steal with a transition fast break which resulted in two points. The Bells continue their miraculous defense as Wojcik gets another steal and turn it into two free throws (1/2). At the end of the 3rd, the Bells lead 50-39.

At the start of the 4th quarter the Bells received a traveling violation from the ref, which resulted in wild boos from the Bellarmine student section. After the turnover Mitty hits a wide open three, and the Bells lead is now 50-42. The Bells miss an open 3-point jumper, and Mitty turns it into another three-pointer, at that point the Bells had called a time out, their lead only sitting at 50-45. After the timeout Kirin Kruse got fouled and he hit both free throws. The Bells exhibit poor defense and give up an easy basket, the score is not 52-47. On the Bells next possession Wojcik ’18 gets fouled and hits one of two free throws. Then Stubblefield ’18 gets a steal and assists Metzler ’18 for a layup. Mitty calls another timeout, Bellarmine seems to have the lead. Out of the timeout the bells play great defense and force a miss from Mitty, but the possession would prove fruitless because they missed an open 3 pointer. The game is now 55-49 with five minutes left in 4th. After another minute in the 4th the score is now 57-52. After another minute Mitty scores and the Bells lead is down to three, 57-54. Stubblefield hits a clutch 2 pointer and now the game is 59-54, with 2:30 left. After trading baskets, and a few turnovers by both teams the game is now 63-58. Mitty seems to be gaining momentum but Bellarmine forces a charge call and now the bells have the ball with 55 seconds left. Wojcik is fouled and hits both free throws to ice the game at 65-58. As the final buzzer sounds the Bells student section goes crazy, and the players on the Bell bench go crazy. The Bells have claimed the CCS title and now they will advance to NorCal CIF play against Modesto Christian on 3/9.

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