Bellarmine students prepare to walk out of their fifth period classes without the oversight of the administration on March 30th under the leadership of Mike Allogiamento ’18, Jonny Hale ’18 and Ronan MacRunnels ’19.

Mike Alloggiamento ‘18, one of the student leaders of this independent walkout stated that one central reason why students are prepared to leave their classroom for a second time was because “the prior walkout presented by the school was disappointingly apolitical and we intend to address issues that were not addressed at the ceremony.”
In other words, Mike stated that “We found the [school] ceremony nice, but not sufficient.”
Other students share similar dissatisfaction with Mike about the school organized walkout which seemed to many as a prayer service rather than a protest.
Mike discusses about the inclusive nature of the walk, wishing that “our approach is not supposed to be demeaning. We are not trying to force anything upon students who did not wish to participate.
 The nature of the walkout seems focused on solidarity once again, but also student driven dialogue and speech with the absence of teachers.
Students on Instagram were seen posting on stories information regarding the walkout time which is 10:58 AM. Students will walk to the quad and stand in silence for minutes. In this occasion, students will miss class unlike the previous walkout in which admin worked the schedule around the walkout.
Mike ultimately believes that “the school stands for being men with and for others. We found that [first walkout] situation was us being with others, but not for others. We did not do anything to keep the idea moving.”
For now, the second walkout has been anticipated with positivity with several students remarking that they will be making posters.
 At the end of the day, Mike sees that the walkout will inspire others to be more active and vocal.
 “The school in general requires a little bit more action and less reaction, “ Mike said. We are waiting for something to happen and instead of being proactive, we are letting things go.”