Introducing the New and Improved Bell Online

Welcome to The Bell Online.

To those who have visited our website before, welcome back. You will be surprised by the many changes that have been made to our online newspaper. We hope to bring coverage to every event that happens on and off-campus, especially to activities that are underrepresented. The goal of Bell Online is to be the voice of Bellarmine students, and for students to freely express their thoughts and opinions. Throughout the 2018-2019 school year, we will be covering weekly happenings such as athletics, arts and entertainment, student life, this year’s social justice summit, and much more. Listed below are brief descriptions of each major section and the types of news that they will be publishing.


This section will be responsible for reporting the latest news on sports, including game recaps, athlete profiles, scores, schedules, season recaps, and occasional fantasy sports advice. Additionally, we will be covering intramurals and club sports which are a huge part of Bellarmine extracurriculars. If you have information about an athlete or team that needs to be covered – let us know!

Student Life

Bell Online will work closely with ASB to notify students of all activities on campus. We will be writing pieces about cultural clubs, sports clubs, art clubs, all clubs, robotics, speech and debate, yearbook, and other student-run activities. Every year, the Bellarmine community turns its focus to a particular social justice issue – this year, we will explore the complexities of gender. The Bell Online will aim to feature a monthly article that delves into the topic of gender, both within our community and the world. Lastly, this section will incorporate information and student reflections on immersion trips and retreats that occur throughout the year.

Arts and Entertainment

Throughout the school year, Bellarmine students participate in a variety of theater productions, sanguine humor shows, concerts, and art exhibits. This section will feature auditions, show recaps, and student interviews on their roles and experiences with each visual and performing arts show. As a bonus, Bell Online will be critiquing movies and music and, occasionally, connect them to Bellarmine’s social justice theme.


The final section of this website will include student opinions on topics that encompass all of the sections included on our website. Whether political or nonpolitical, Bell Online will provide a platform for Bellarmine students to express their opinions, all while following the school’s rules and guidelines. Bellarmine students come from many cultures and backgrounds, and this will be a place for all students to be able to talk openly in the hopes of celebrating diversity.

The Bell Online Staff is excited to tell the story of our school – keep an eye out for our photography and journalism team who will ask you to “ring the bell” to be featured on @bcpbell Instagram page. What does this mean? Ringing the Bell will provide you an opportunity to give a shout-out to your club, team, or even just your friends!

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