The Nonsensical Club

Improvisational humor is one of the most useful skills, not just as a theater technique, but as a social asset as well. Improvisational humor can be the perfect spark or icebreaker in many social situations, such as when talking a new friend, at parties, or even college interviews. Improvisational humor can be learned through the Nonsensical Club. The club not only teaches improvisation but also offers a fun and stress-free environment for its members.

According to James MacKinnon, the president of the Nonsensical Club, “Nonsensical’s purpose is to help people learn the rules of Improvisational theater through games and exercises.” Therefore, the Nonsensical Club will appeal to students who are interested in improvisation but would also love to have some silly fun as well.

He adds, “Overall, I want Nonsensicals to be a place where people aren’t afraid to take risks, goof around and express themselves… If anyone is willing to leave their ego at the door and have fun, Nonsensicals is the club. While our main purpose is to teach, we’re not above having some silly fun.”

At the same time, the Nonsensical Club also provides an opportunity for students to master the basics of improvisational humor before joining the Bellarmine Improv team, Sanguine Humours.

Sanguine Humours, is like the Nonsensical Club in the sense that they both teach improvisational humor. However, unlike the Nonsensical Club, Sanguine Humours chooses its members through auditions. To prepare for the audition for Sanguine Humours, students can first develop their improvisational skills through the Nonsensical Club.

Mr. Marcel, the moderator for both the Nonsensical Club and Sanguine Humours, recommends, “It’s [the Nonsensical Club] also a great place to hone your skills if you’re interested in getting into Sanguine Humours.”

In fact, that is exactly why James MacKinnon initially joined the Nonsensical Club during his Freshman year.

James explains, “When I started my Freshman year here at Bellarmine, I auditioned for the Bellarmine Improv team known as Sanguine Humours. However, I didn’t make the cut, and I learned that I wasn’t exactly fit for Improv. I had all the materials and jokes, but I didn’t have the basics of Improv down. So, I joined Nonsensicals, and I relearned the basics through practice. This year of practice gave me the confidence and the tools to have a better understanding of comedy, which got me into Sanguine Humours. This club is for people like me, who want to arm themselves with the basics of improv, and to practice this comedic art form.”

While there are plenty of advantages to joining the Nonsensical Club, theater-art, and comedy might be a strange and totally new experience for many students. For certain students who are hesitant to join the Nonsensical Club, James MacKinnon has a word of advice.

James suggests, “If you’re feeling hesitant and questioning whether or not you want to join, come in for just one meeting at lunch to check it out. We’d love to have you here, and if you just sit and watch, that’s great.”

Any student looking forward to joining the Nonsensical Club or checking it out can visit the club on Tuesdays at lunch. Says Mr. Marcel, “Join us Tuesdays at lunch! We’ll meet somewhere in Sobrato this month (probably the lobby on the 2nd floor), and then we’ll be in the Black Box starting in November.”

Overall, the Nonsensical Club is an informative and entertaining club that teaches students the art of improvisational humor. The Nonsensical Club is an amazing way to start learning theater comedy or even remaster the essentials of it. The club staff welcomes new members with open arms, and any student interested in comedy would likely find it very appealing.