An Interview with Alex Pietrow ’20 of Music Production club

By Lucas Owens ’19

Music Production Club is one of many new clubs this year at Bellarmine, which has many wondering what the club is all about. Members of music production club can expect to learn the history of music production and how to utilize different tools, such as MIDI keyboards and software used by many when creating music. To get a closer look at Music Production Club, I sat down with Alex Pietrow ‘20, one of its leaders, to get his take on what this club is all about.

LO: When did you first get the idea for music production club?

AP: I first got the idea for MPC a little while after my friend introduced me to music production. I thought it would be fun for us to start it and run it together to teach students who love music and are interested in the production aspect of it but don’t necessarily dedicate themselves to a single instrument or like to play in a group or band setting.

LO: What do you hope for you and your club members to get out of the club?

AP: I hope that our club members are able to use MPC as a resource for sparking their interest in music production and then being able to use what their learning in our meetings to create their own music. Some questions that they may have aren’t able to be answered simply by YouTube or reddit, so we are hoping this club can prove valuable to them in this way. In regards to Byron and myself, we hope that we grow as leaders and pass our love for music down to others in the Bellarmine community.

LO: Is there any plan for the club to produce a collection of original music at any point?

AP: There are indeed plans for us to create original music in our club. In future meetings we will collaborate as a club to create our own songs and our ultimate goal is to have everyone involved in some way in the production.

LO: Is the club only for people who already know how to mix music or are you guys accepting of all levels of expertise?

AP: MPC is accepting of people at all experience levels. It is not hard to cater to people with different experience levels because it’s always good to go over the basics, and intermediates will definitely benefit from the tips and tricks we will be teaching to the club.

LO: How hard is it to learn music production from having no background?

AP: Beginning to learn how to produce is the hardest part. However, once you conceptually understand all of the factors that go into producing, your workflow gets much faster and you only have shortcuts and intricacies to learn.

A huge thanks goes out to Alex and the rest of the Music Production Club for allowing me to sit in on one of their meetings, and I personally am very much looking forward to what they produce in the future.