Bellarmine Movie (Film) Club

By Riley Steffens ’22

There is something special about the Movie Club that really draws students in- it is no secret that it is one of the largest clubs at Bellarmine. Maybe what attracts students is the appeal of relaxing with their fellow brothers, eating while discussing movies.

The club meets at Lokey-204 on Tuesdays during lunch. At each meeting, the members watch part of a movie, as the club splits movies into parts so that one movie takes up multiple meetings. Members may eat their lunch while watching the movie, which makes the meetings more relaxing. When a movie is over, the club votes on which movie to watch next. This year was kicked off with Back to the Future, as chosen by the club’s leaders.

Ethan Tanti ‘20 and Jared Tan ‘20 are the club heads. Tanti is the president, while Tan serves as vice president. Jared said that they both “share the role of club leaders… [and] the duties of trying to search down the next movie.” When prompted about what inspired the creation of their club, Jared said that he and Ethan had joked about “making a club based on watching movies.” They were able to turn their imagination into a reality and now have cultivated an environment where, as Jared states, students can “sit back, chill, and discuss some of their fellow brothers’ favorite movies.”

The Movie Club is a fantastic asset to the Bellarmine community. There are so many benefits to the club, like how it cultivates a mini-community of film enthusiasts from all places. Because the club accepts everyone, it is a very diverse and inclusive space. It is a place where all students can have fun, laugh, be excited and have a great time with their peers. According to Jared, the club has big plans for the future as well, which includes hosting movie nights on campus open to any high schooler that would like to attend. Until then, every weekly meeting brings the Movie Club closer to succeeding in its mission of spreading appreciation for the arts among Bellarmine students.

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