By Dominic George ‘19

Tony Mora ‘19 is currently a senior at Bellarmine. For this year’s Justice Summit, Tony will be hosting a talk alongside Erik Luna ‘19, Andrew Martinez ‘21, Adrian Contreras ‘21, and Mr. Jimenez on Latinx gender roles. This talk will explore the “Latino family structure and the gender roles associated with it” comparing and contrasting machismo and marianismo.

Tony is currently a co-leader for the Latino Student Union (LSU) with Erik Luna ‘19. He is also a shadow guide and involved in the Big Brother program, which are programs that help welcome incoming freshmen to the Bellarmine community.

Going into more depth, Tony added on to what he hopes the talk will accomplish. “We’re just hoping to inform people about Latin American gender roles and stereotypes of it like machismo and marianismo, which is stereotypes and roles that are expected of Latinos not only in Mexico which is the prominent culture in San Jose, but all over Latin America… and also how it is changing into a Latinx gender discussion which is an all-inclusive form of saying Latinos and Latinas for people who don’t identify as male and female,” he said.

Prior to choosing the theme of his Justice Summit talk, Tony took Gender Roles in Literature with Mr. Canavese. He decided to write an essay covering the topics included in the presentations he will be giving this week. In addition, a big part of the background he obtained on this talk came from another senior year course. “I also took a Latino American studies class during my first semester, and we learned about Latinx and what it meant to society today,” he said.

Lastly, the Justice Summit presentation is important for Tony as he intends to represent his culture. “Just being Latino, I thought it would be good… I got a couple of guys who are part of the Latino Student Union to help me and Erik out to present… We hope it will be good,” he said.

“Machismo and Marianismo: Latinx Gender Roles” will be presented tomorrow morning at Mathewson 102.