ASB Class Representative Statements

Below are statements from students who are running for the position of class representative.


Michael Lutz ‘22

I am Michael Lutz and I am running for the Sophomore Representative position. As of right now, I am currently a Freshman Representative in ASB and will continue to serve the class of 2022 well. If elected again, I will ensure that the events we have will be exceptionally fun and that everyone will be heard and considered. The events that happened this year were great, but we can still improve them. If I am elected again, I will incorporate everyone’s ideas and thoughts to make them more exciting. In addition, I will also make ASB more transparent if elected. I am sure most of you don’t exactly know what ASB does, and that is understandable. If I am elected again, I will guarantee that every person in the class of 2022 is aware of exactly what is going on. Whether it be through Instagram or in person, you will be informed. Finally, I will listen to everyone with an open mind and make sure your voices are heard. I will voice your concerns, suggestions, and ideas. Feel free to tell me if you have any ideas. Together, we will make Bellarmine amazing, so don’t forget to vote Michael Lutz. Go Bells!


Darren Rodricks ‘21

Hi, my name is Darren Rodricks, and I am currently a sophomore running for Junior Class Representative. I want to be elected because I feel that I can use my leadership skills to my advantage and represent the Class of 2021. I am an active member of Bellarmine’s diverse campus, being part of ISC and many other clubs. I am also part of Bellarmine’s JV basketball team. If I am elected next year I promise to let your voice be heard and help make Bellarmine a more positive place. Being part of Bellarmine, I get to view our campus in many different ways and receive input from many different people and personalities. I hope to bring a more optimistic view to our campus and keep the energy with more rallies, events, and fundraisers. Bellarmine is a great school with a lot of diversity and I think we can build on that by having more cultural fairs and really showcase our diversity. I believe that next year will be a great one if I am Junior Class Representative. Vote Darren Rodricks!

Wonny Kwak ‘21

Hi, my name is Wonny Kwak and I am currently a sophomore. I am running for the role of Junior Class officer. During the last two years at Bellarmine, I have been involved in many activities. I have played baseball, worked on various committees, and created the Bell Sports Science Club. I have also taken many leadership roles, such as being the president of a chapter in the Korean Organization, Hwarang. As your junior class representative, I promise to let your voice be heard within the student council. In addition, I will work to make this the best year Bellarmine has ever had. I will introduce ideas for events such as basketball tournaments and organize fundraisers to support the various clubs and co-curricular activities here at Bellarmine. Vote for Wonny Kwak for Junior Class Representative!


J.B. Pellegrin ‘20

First and foremost, I love Bellarmine. Plain and simple. Ever since I was a little boy, I have admired the intense brotherhood of Bellarmine and made it my personal goal to serve the student body, to leave my mark, and to contribute to such an awesome institution. It sounds corny, but everything I do is informed by my deep love for the school. I am willing to sacrifice life and limb to ensure the well-being of the student body. As Junior Class Representative this year, I have learned so much about our great school and I know how much dedication it takes to effectively provide for the needs of a diverse and dynamic student body. As much as I am rooted in the ideals of the past and the pillars that make Bellarmine a great school, I am focused on the future and making Bellarmine a progressive and positive place for subsequent generations of Bells. I am incessantly looking for new and exciting ways to make students even more excited about our school. If you want a person to represent you that won’t back down on policy and will provide for the future, vote for J. B. Go Bells!

Aaron Fernandes ‘20

I have been a member of Bellarmine’s ASB for the past three years now. If elected, I hope to increase school spirit through the creation of more spirit-rallies and more involvement at athletic events. I hope to transform the night rally we currently have in the fall into three school rallies: one football rally, one basketball rally, and a spring sports lunchtime rally. I also hope to have more spirit weeks throughout the year, and more lunchtime competitions like the Belly Flop Contest. I would also like to increase ASB’s presence at athletic events. Wouldn’t it be cool to have more halftime shows? I hope to bring the Pres Dance team back to perform at more of our bigger sports events, and not just the Night Rally. In addition, I intend to work closely with the Bellarmine Mother’s Guild and our dance moderators to assure that our Senior Prom continues being off campus. I hope to be as transparent as possible, and am open to any suggestions that you may have. Just because it is your senior year does not mean that it is too late for change. A vote for me is a vote for positive change in our school.

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