Week 11 NFL Game Picks!

After Week 10, most teams have a pretty good idea if they are contenders or pretenders. Teams like the Jets, Bengals, and Giants have really have no chance at making the playoffs. However, after weeks of doubting, (Hot take incoming) I think the Dolphins have a chance to make the playoffs if the whole AFC slips up. They’ve looked good on their two-game win streak (believe it or not). The Packers now have a first-round bye after the Saints lost to the Falcons; the Ravens demoralized Ryan Finley and the Bengals after giving them at 49-10 thrashing. Finally, the Browns still have playoff hope, after barely beating the bills and beating there inter-division rivals, the Steelers.

The Bears and Rams have another rematch after the Bears grinded out a win last year. However, this year is much different, the Bears have struggled all year, and the Rams have seen a few key players go down to injuries. Jared Goff has taken a step back after Todd Gurley’s nagging knees have kept him sidelined. The Bears’ defense has regressed alongside Trubisky. Even with Goff’s struggles, expect the Rams to turn around and give the Bears another loss.

Bears vs Rams.jpg

The Patriots and Eagles will have a rematch Super Bowl LI; however, the Eagles looked lost to start the season, and Tom Brady seems to be showing his age, as of late. The Eagles defense has still been hindered by bad corners and they will be without star wide receiver Alshon Jefferey. On the other hand, the Patriots defense got exposed by the Ravens which makes us question, how good is their defense? I believe the Eagles will win this game, handing the Patriots another loss, out of there bye.


Next up, the Ravens take on the Texans in a key AFC matchup. The Texans have done well so far behind Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson has been having an MVP type season for the Ravens. The Texans defense has been getting scorched this year, however, I think they will come together to slow down Lamar Jackson. The defense will handicap Jackson enough to let the Texans high powered offense steal the win.

Ravs vs Texans.jpg

The Saints and the Buccaneers play each other in an NFC South matchup. The Buccaneers are hanging onto their playoff hopes by a single thread. The Saints had a very bad showing against the Falcons, where both there offense and defense simply didn’t click. The Buccaneers are coming off of a closely contested game against Bruce Arians (Bucs Head Coach)’s former team the Cardinals, where they squeaked out a victory. Despite the Saint’s poor showing in last week’s game, they will rebound and beat the Buccaneers. A loss this week will cement Jameis Winston’s future, I highly doubt he will receive a second contract from the Bucs. Wouldn’t be ironic if Teddy Bridgewater ended up becoming their starter next year?


The Chiefs and the Chargers play each other in a potentially crucial AFC West matchup. The Chiefs got back Mahomes but still lost to the Titans led by Ryan Tannehill. The Chiefs’ defense is probably the least clutch in all of football, other than the Packers allowing the Panthers to get to the 1-yard line at the end of the game. The Chargers lost to the Raiders thanks to River’s poor passing. However, my question for the Chargers, how do you beat the Packers and lose to the Raiders? Nevertheless, the Chargers will beat the Chiefs and the Raiders move to first after beating the Bengals.


My Current Record at Predictions: 3-6

And as always, Go Pack Go!