Yell Leaders: A Profile

Who says every sports program needs cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are a common image when the typical Friday Night Lights are depicted. The cheerleaders, the jocks, the passionate fans. At Bellarmine, the passionate yell leaders have been instrumental in getting the students and fans engaged in various sporting events.

Typically, this group consists of mostly upperclassmen, except for a couple of sophomores. These students apply to be the voice of Bellarmine during the games. Aside from pumping up the crowd, this group has to meet to plan the themes, lead rallies, among many duties pre-game. They meet with their faculty moderators to discuss the “gameplan” and make sure their themes follow the CCS and WCAL guidelines.

These group of boys is easily recognized around campus as they sport their Blue and White striped shirt. They work tirelessly to come up with chants to keep the students engaged. This year, Leader Stevie Chuck brought back “the Bus”, the popular cheer. They even added new pieces where they threw burgers and food into the crowd. The select group of students has to remain passionate throughout the game, win or loss. After every touchdown, they collectively do pushups as the Bellarmine Bell rings loudly throughout the stadium.

The famous yell leaders continue to do an excellent job supporting the Bellarmine community and representing the passion and spirit that Bellarmine has for its athletic programs.

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