Bellarmine Football’s New Leadership

The winningest coach in CCS history has stepped down. After over 4 decades on the coaching staff, 36 seasons as the head coach, 14 WCAL championships, 6 CCS championships, 286 wins, and a lasting impact on all he coached, Mike Janda is stepping down. Also stepping down are John Amarillas and Mike Henry, longtime members of Coach Janda’s acclaimed coaching staff. His departure saddens many, especially those of the Bellarmine community. His positive influence and excellence will forever be remembered by not only many generations of Bells, but his peers in the High School Football world. With this sadness comes excitement; as the old era of Bellarmine football departs, a new one arrives. The new head football coach, Jalal Beauchman, is especially excited, and ready to prove himself as the next great Bellarmine football coach.

He begins this interview by stating his football background:

“I began my tackle football playing career in 2002, right here at Bellarmine. I went on to be a three-year Varsity Football Letterman for the Bells. After graduating in 2006 from Bellarmine I was fortunate enough to earn a full scholarship to play football at San Jose State University. I played at SJSU from 2006 to 2010. After one season away from the game of football, I began my coaching career in 2012, again, right here at Bellarmine. I have only coached at Bellarmine and I am now entering my 6th season as a Bellarmine football coach.”

For many Bellarmine Football players, Coach Beauchman is a familiar face. He knows the players, was a former player and has experience in coaching at Bellarmine. With this new head coach title, he looks to add a new flavor to the longstanding Bellarmine Football tradition:

“All of our Varsity coaches are Bellarmine Football alums. We very much plan on keeping the Bellarmine Football tradition alive, while at the same time leaving our own unique imprint on the program.”

With this new flavor comes new goals for the upcoming season:

Our goal is to look back and be proud of the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice we put into the season. Most importantly, we want to have FUN!

Coach Beauchman enjoys coaching; for him,

“Coaching has reinforced the notion that helping others achieve is much more rewarding than personal achievement. I frequently catch myself celebrating the successes of my players much more enthusiastically than I celebrated my own accomplishments as a player.”

He hopes to achieve this success by

“…being passionate and enthusiastic in everything we do. It is my job to show up every day and set-the-tone in those categories.”

Finally, Coach Beauchman is most looking forward to:

“Pie Nights! I know coaches are not typically invited to them, but I’m making a to-go plate at the very least!”

Experienced, excited, and poised for a great season, look for the Bellarmine football team to surprise a few people in WCAL play this year. With a new coach, new enthusiasm, and a new touch on the old philosophy Bellarmine Football is back in Business.

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