A Post-Covid Guide to Bellarmine Clubs

A Post-Covid Guide to Bellarmine Clubs

— by Domenic Brunet ’23

As the school year returns to a ‘traditional’ high school experience, so does the opportunity for Bellarmine clubs. During the past year and a half, club administrators have struggled with leading their clubs due to the restrictions of remote learning. Remote learning greatly impacted the function of Bellarmine clubs, limiting the activities and social aspects that made our clubs fun and enjoyable. In addition to the return of in-person learning, new features have been added to our school schedule, like community, free, and social time. Below is a guide to the 2021-2022 Bellarmine Club experience with answers to popular questions that students may have. Bellarmine encourages students to seek out a club of interest in order to both make friends and explore new things while also enjoying being back on campus.

How will community time be used for clubs?

—– Clubs will meet during community time. Clubs will need to sign up to reserve days/times to meet. Details on signups will be provided when club applications are approved.

When can students begin getting involved in clubs?

—– Club applications will be available the first day of classes and clubs may begin meeting as soon as their application has been approved and they have reserved community time to meet.

What are some of the COVID-related protocols that will be implemented in club meetings?

—– Clubs will adhere to Bellarmine’s COVID protocols.

Can club meetings be held online or must they all be in-person?

—– Since we are using community time for club meetings, they should meet in person.

Can new clubs be created at this point?

—— Both returning and new clubs may submit applications when they are available. All clubs must be approved before they can meet or conduct activities.

Special thanks to Ms. Johnson, our Bellarmine Clubs Head, for providing answers to the questions above.