First Bell Mixer of the Year

By Tyler Craven ’22

Over the past year and a half, life around Bell has changed drastically. But as we return to a more normal rhythm, we begin to see the true spirit of Bellarmine, in-person. Part of this enthusiastic spirit returned in the form of our first mixer of the 2021-2022 school year! As we finally get back on campus, we are starting to see more of our community coming together and having fun.

Past mixers have always been a big hit. From Party in the Quad to Bell’s Formal, we have been getting together to have fun for most of Bellarmine’s history. Being extremely popular with the student body, these gatherings are usually highly well-populated. Students over the years have expressed interest and enjoyment over mixers.

This dance, officially called the Glow in the Dark Mixer and held on September 11th, was a big hit as well. It was held before during and after sunset, hence the “Glow in the Dark” theme. Glowsticks and custom masks were provided. Students were regulated to wear masks at all times for the health and safety of our student body, as well as that of our visitors. There were 800 attendees: 400 from Bell, and 400 guests. And thanks to Coach Toy’s entertaining playlist, the dance soundtracks at the mixer were enjoyable and set a lively atmosphere.

Overall, the mixer was a great opportunity to have fun and interact with our fellow classmates and get to know other students from Presentation and Notre Dame. As part of Bellarmine’s return to normalcy, the mixer provided much-needed entertainment and opportunities to socialize.

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