The Latin Club

Bellarmine has had a Latin Club on and off for decades, dating back to the 1990’s under Father Flynn. In spring of 2020, two sophomores — Minseo Kim ’22 and Samuel Perrott — approached Mrs. Fox, who teaches Latin at Bell, with the idea of reviving the Latin club and getting engaged in regional and national activities. Unfortunately the pandemic put things on hold. With in-person school starting in 2021, Mrs. Fox thought it was the perfect time to implement the idea.

According to Mrs. Fox, “the goal of the Latin club is to build a community that celebrates all things related to the ancient Roman culture and its impact on the world.” Club meetings will cover topics that students may not usually have time to discuss during class, such as exploring the history of ancient names, coming up with Latin names for individuals, sharing traditional Roman food, and learning how to wrap a toga properly.

The club plans to promote and nurture student interest in ancient and historical civilizations, and participate in regional and national activities, starting with the “Ludi Novembre” event, which brings students from all over the Bay Area together. The club is also looking for ways to engage with regional and national organizations such as the California Junior Classical League and the American Classical League.

The Latin club currently has 5 members and is looking to have more freshmen and sophomores to join. The club meets every other Tuesday in Room 208 in O’Donnell. Go check them out!

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