The Band’s plans for the upcoming semester

By Rayyan Mohamed ’25

You might have been to a symphony or orchestra before. But have you been to a percussion ensemble, jazz ensemble, or even a pep band? The Bellarmine music department features all of these musical events and more. Mrs. Wyant, a director of band, has been directing these classes for the past 20 years here at Bellarmine. Each performance class has events 2-3 times a year and “provides leadership opportunities for students,” according to Mrs. Wyant.

So far, the pep band has been playing for football games and will later play for basketball games as well. You can also watch the band, including the pep band, play at Bellarmine’s “Open House” events as well. Upcoming performances are in early December and spring. For more serious musicians in the program, there will be a small ensemble or solo concert towards the end of March. The good news for all of these performances is that tickets are free, and families and friends can attend.

Go Bells!