Anti-Bullying Month

By Peter Ly ’23

Bellarmine is known for being a community of men “for and with others.” October is the month of LGBTQ+ History Month, as well as Depression and Mental health Awareness Month, so Bellarmine and ASB realized that raising bullying awareness is an action that they ought to take.

In line with that, the ASB called for students to wear pink to show solidarity with students in Nova Scotia, a Canadian province where students had been bullied with homophobic slurs and comments for wearing pink. Beyond wearing pink, the ASB urged people to meet with others they had not met or talked with before to become more connected with others.

Ultimately, Bellarmine wants to create a learning environment that people feel safe in, and it is our goal as the Bellarmine community to stand up against bullying and to include people of all backgrounds and identities.

Go Bells!

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