A Song in the Making

By Jeffrey Mu ’24

Since quarantine started, many have been looking for a way to release their frustrations and fears. This might just be with gardening, taking up a new hobby, cooking a new dish or even something as simple as taking care of chores. I, Jeffrey Mu ’24, personally have found music to be a way of letting go and forgetting what’s going on around me. Each time I open my phone, plug in some headphones and tap on the play button, I feel as though I can do anything. I’m constantly on the search for new songs, and just last month, I found the playlist.

When I was asking David Le ’23 what he likes to do in his free time, he mentioned a bunch of things, like being captain of the robotics group, but what intrigued me most was his music. When I asked him more about this, he hit me up with his new album, “Genesis.” And when I took it home and listened to it, I discovered his talent for making music. His latest and first album release, “Genesis” combined cool beats with a fantastic sense of rhythm, with flowery vocal cords compiled on the track. Just listening to the first song, “Wake up!” incensed in me those familiar, cold goosebumps.

David has been making music for a long time. He started making music in 6th grade and attended a DMA music program at Stanford in seventh grade. With over 15,000 monthly listeners and over a thousand followers, its clear he puts incredible dedication into his music. He’s even won an international award for his music, in a contest with five thousand competitors he was able to pull up on top. “[Genesis] was originally a song about demons and angels, I wrote it pretty much entirely out of covid woes,” he says. Through the album, words like “calabasas” and “no questions” represent the character’s love and flings for the first time, and it ends with the narrator trying to balance self worth. During his two years of working on this album, he collaborated with other producers in the same genre as him, working with Stanford producers to make his songs. So, if you have the time, you should give his playlist a listen. Like when I first discovered the capabilities Spotify and playing song, after song, after song, I guarantee you will be hooked to David’s playlist as soon as you press the green triangle.

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