New Ways of Tackling Racism

By Nolan Kim ’22

Mr. Jiménez, along with the faculty, Unity Council, students, and parents have been working hard to create a clear policy to prevent racism and bigotry on campus. This policy has been in the making since the start of the first semester and many people has played a role in shaping it. Students, faculty, administration, and parents have all been able to provide input through a variety of methods including surveys and discussions. The plan clearly lays out the expectations and punishments regarding discrimination of any kind on campus.

According to many, the existing guideline for discrimination on campus, found in the student handbook, was not sufficient. Mr. Jiménez remarked, “It wasn’t really clear. It was beautifully written but not clear. So, what happened was this group of faculty and staff members got together and said, ‘This is an issue we have’ and worked on a policy.” They hope that the policy encapsulates perspectives and sets clear rules and punishments. “It really clearly says this is our mission. If you do this, this is the consequence, very clearly spelled out,” said Mr. Jiménez. Hopefully with clear guidelines and a heightened awareness, Bellarmine can continue to work towards inclusivity.

For Mr. Jiménez and those part of the creation of the policy, it was more than just a set of rules, but opportunity to address issues and learn from them. “We feel if we don’t provide those opportunities at school, then we’re giving you a partial education. You’re getting a great education in math, English, science. Great. But that’s life outside the walls.”

There isn’t currently a set day for the policy roll out, but Mr. Jiménez made it clear that it’s on the top of his list. How will the Bellarmine community be able to see the policy? It’s not fully worked out but expect to see it through the Dean’s Office. “We want people to know about this, to see it” commented Mr. Jiménez. When the policy is rolled out, students will be sure to see it. Mr. Jiménez knows Bellarmine isn’t perfect, both through his experiences as a student and an alumni, but he’s connected deeply to the Bellarmine community and feels optimistic about where things are going.

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