Calling All Pokémon Trainers!

by Dominic Dietrich ’24

The Bellarmine Pokémon Club has concluded one of its first in-club tournaments to kick off the year, starting with Pokémon Showdown! Out of the eight participants with their Pokémon teams competing in the tournament, one player rose to the top and took the gold. Jonathan Lopez ’25 won the pokémon tournament with five Pokémon still standing in the final match! As a reward, Lopez received a rare Level 100 Shiny Eternatus for Pokémon Shield!

But even though this one pokémon tournament is over, more upcoming competitions are going to be announced, where everyone can test their team in the arena! So what is the Bellarmine Pokémon Club, and what types of games do they play?

The Bellarmine Pokémon Club is a student-run club with the activities’ main focus and theme being the popular media franchise Pokémon. Similar to the Super Smash Bros. Club and the Bellarmine Rocket League Club, this club is one of the many video game clubs Bellarmine hosts where Bells can bring their Switch and clash during Community Time. Ranging from the popular Pokémon Unite to Pokémon Showdown to even the trading card side of things, all pokémon games are fun to play with the club. Occasional tournaments are also hosted by the club if anybody is interested in the competitive side of the pokémon universe. The Bellarmine Pokémon Club members meet every Wednesday during Community Time in OD-003, so if you’re interested in joining a new club to kill time or just love the Pokémon franchise, drop by to meet your fellow trainers!

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