The Soccer Season kicks off! – Freshmens’ Highlights

by Jake Kwon ’26

Last week, many Bells showed up to soccer tryouts to earn a spot on the Frosh, JV, and Varsity teams. And over the course of several days, with many passes, dribbles, and shots taken toward the goal, teams were formed, and practices commenced. We asked two freshmen who went to tryouts about their experiences there, and their first upcoming game.


Dylan Connell ’26

Q: Do you play club soccer and what do you like about it?

A: Yes, I play club soccer outside of school and I enjoy the aspect of meeting new people and being able to play soccer with my friends.

Q: How did you feel at tryouts?

A: I felt pretty good at tryouts. I enjoyed playing in the scrimmages a lot.

Q: What do you expect to see this season?

A: I hope to see lots of success and getting to meet new people!


Shaurya Wodeyar ‘26

Q: Do you play soccer outside of school and what do you like about it?

A: Yes, I play club soccer, and I like being able to play with friends.

Q: What did you experience at tryouts?

A: I liked how the coaches place you into scrimmages and see how you perform that way. Playing scrimmages was fun and that was something that I especially liked about it.

Q: What do you hope to see this season?

A: I am expecting lots of goals and great performances from the team.


Empty BCP soccer field. ©

With a wide array of talent and promise on the team, there will only be success to come from our soccer teams. The frosh team will momentarily be taking on Andrew Hill High School in the Lovato Cup on the 28th, so make sure to be there to support our teams! Be on the lookout for more winter sport coverage arriving soon to the Bell Online!

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