The OCR System

by Jake Kwon ’26

With the first semester behind us and the next school year swiftly approaching, many students are focused on selecting the classes that they will take next year, through the Bellarmine Online Course Request. With time, it is inevitable that new classes will be arriving to Bellarmine year after year, and it is no different today. We interviewed Ms. McGarry, the Assistant Principal for Academics and asked her a few questions related to the OCR.


Ms. McGarry – Assistant Principal for Academics

Q: What new classes are coming to the school next year?

A: There are two new classes next year, AP 2D Art and Design, and the other one is acting 3. They are both classes that students requested to have, and they will be available to students next year. I would also like to mention a class we introduced this year, data science in the math department, which lasts one semester.

Q: Why is it important to introduce new classes to students here at Bellarmine?

A: We want students to find different opportunities for ways to learn. You don’t have many opportunities until senior year, so it is important to provide more classes for a wider range of interests that students may want to learn more about. So, these classes are more designed to encourage and open exploration more than to prepare students for a career in that subject.

Q: What do think are some important aspects students should take into consideration when choosing classes?

A: Students should choose a class if they are passionate about it. In the counseling department, they want students to choose classes that they are passionate about, because you need to think and consider. We want students to think about all of the other activities that develop leadership, and challenge yourself appropriately. There is no badge of honor for staying up until 5am, and as a college prep school, all of our classes are college prep.

Q: Any other messages you would like to send out?

A: I want students to know that we are here to support them, and make sure that they have great joy and a great experience of their life. Please note that the counseling department is here to help in all of those conversations.


That’s all! With lots to think about for the upcoming school year, we hope that this article has provided you with a general concept of what to expect and what you should take into account when determining your classes. If you would like to be informed more about the forthcoming AP 2D Art and Design course, please be sure to check out the link below, which will direct you to a complete overview of the class, and an interview with the Drawing and Painting teacher, Mrs. Bodnaruk! Happy selecting, Bells!

AP 2D Art and Design Article:

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