Bellarmine’s own KBCP Election Night Coverage

Election 2016

Today, November 8th brings to conclusion the most contentious presidential race in recent United States history. It marks the end of the name calling, fact checking, no- handshaking debates and public spars on twitter, national TV or radio between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. By the end today, it will all be over and we will have elected either our first female president, Hillary Clinton, or our first businessman-turned-president, Donald Trump. Many of us will watch the election coverage from the comfort of our couches, but if you are tired of all the banter there is a better way to experience the election-by listening to Bellarmine’s own KBCP radio.

That’s right, Bellarmine’s on-campus radio show will be covering the election live! Adam Brown, Peter Boennighausen, and Ryan Biland will be providing election highlights from 4:00 to 10:30 today. Adam, Peter, and Ryan have a regular show called “Vitamin B” that airs on Fridays from 2:30-3:30 on KBCP which is a political show. With this broadcast, they wanted to take their election coverage to another level. In an interview with Adam he said, “it is a natural jump from that program [Vitamin B] to actually doing live coverage.” When I asked Adam why he wanted to do a live show, stay on the air for 6 hours and stay so late to cover an election many of us may watch at home while doing our homework, him he simply said “It is my dream ever since I was in middle school of being able to cover the election live.” Adam and I discussed how radio has given him and opportunity to fulfill this dream: “I was just thrilled with the opportunity, with the radio station to actually have the opportunity to see and do it firsthand.”

On the six and a half hour trek Adam said he has many things planned including bringing teachers on to provide perspective and commentary: “we have a variety of teachers coming on air including: Mr. Adams, Mr. Cleary, and Mr. Foster who will be talking about various issues.” Although the main event will be the presidential race, Adam and his crew did not forget about the local issues or senate and congress races also happening today: “we are also talking about state and local issues” said Adam “we want to give a whole picture, state local and federal issues are all part of the coverage.” When asking Adam on how many listeners he expected he said he really did not know how to predict. According to Adam the best way to listen is through the TuneIn app or So support your fellow Bell brothers as they broadcasts this historic event. It will provide insight, energy and perspective from a fellow Bell!

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