This year’s presidential election is the most contentious in recent history, so it’s only fitting that Bellarmine had its own mock election to see if its students’ opinions reflect those of the country. The results are finally in! With 116 votes (41%), Bellarmine has selected Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the United States. Donald Trump came in 2nd place with 96 votes (34%), Gary Johnson in 3rd with 48 votes (17%), and Jill Stein came in last with 22 votes (8%).

Election Results-01.jpg

It should be noted that there are over 1,600 students at Bellarmine, but only 282 ballots were cast. That means our voter turnout is about 18%, whereas the average voter turnout for the actual presidential election is around 60%. Thus, the results may not be truly representative of the student body, but still offer a rough picture of what Bellarmine students believe. Furthermore, after the results of the actual presidential election are announced, we get to see if students’ political opinions generally match those of the country.