Inside ARC’s Daily Poll

The Daily Poll

D.C. or Marvel? Star Wars or Star Trek? The daily poll in ARC displays the opinions of the Bellarmine student body on commonly debated topics.

Started by alumni volunteer, Mr. McFeely last year, the Daily Poll serves as a way to engage students in a lighthearted debate. Since its conception, it has received a welcoming reception from students in ARC. “It’s something creative every day. It’s really fun” said Sean Nguyen ’20.

Jared Bush ’18, who has created many of the daily polls over the past year, saw it as a lighthearted way to simply see where students stand on common discussions. “It’s basically just a fun thing to see people’s opinions on certain topics” said Bush. “It’s just for fun. We just try to find topics that will really get a rise out of people.”

Though Bush creates these polls along with the alumni volunteers, he welcomes anyone to create one of their own. “It just started happening one day, and I just started making some. Pretty much anyone can make one,” Bush said.

One of the most popular poll over the past year was the commonly debated issue of whether pancakes or waffles reign superior. By the slightest of margins, pancakes tallied more votes and came out on top.

Though the daily poll in ARC usually serves as a way to gather student opinions on rather trivial topics, Johan Ibarra ’20 envisioned the expansion of the daily poll into more controversial debates, such as the result of the political election. “I want to see really, really big debates,” Ibarra said. “Maybe tomorrow they could put up reactions to President-Elect Donald Trump: support or disappointment.”

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