Fashion and Financial Aid

Brian Hayes
Two Bells enjoy their experience modeling. Photo credit: Patrick Dover

On Saturday, the Santa Clara Convention Center hosted the 62nd Annual Bellarmine Mothers’ Guild Fashion Show. The event, with both a lunch and dinner show, included music, cocktails, a meal, and most importantly, models showing off the latest trends in fashion. 41 Bells, 15 moms, and 21 girls walked the runway sporting clothes fitting the theme of “Bells, Boots, and Bow Ties”. It was clear from the resounding applause that the audience, a full house, got a show well worth the money.

john chiala.jpg
John Chiala is all smiles on the catwalk Photo credit: Patrick Dover

Apart from being a fun event, the fashion show is also a crucial fundraiser for Bellarmine’s financial aid program. Mr. Meyercord, Bellarmine’s president, said, “The fashion show is a hugely important fundraiser for us as a school. It raised over $400,000 last year and the average financial aid award is $10,000 and so it enabled 40 students to go to Bellarmine. It’s a very fun event but it also does a ton of good by raising money for financial aid.” One model, Jared Appleby-Adeniran ’17, repeated these sentiments, saying that he signed up because, “I thought it’d be pretty fun, you pretty much just stand around, get to meet a lot of people, it’s just a fun time. But also it’s a good way to raise money for financial aid.” So whether they come for food, fashion, or financial aid, the fashion show ensures that its attendees are given an event to remember.

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