A Cultural Twist on the traditional Thanksgiving Platter!

by Jake Kwon ’26

Several weeks ago, six Asian-American Affinity groups gathered to host a Thanksgiving Potluck in the Lokey patio. However, this wasn’t your typical fare of Thanksgiving food, as the tables were covered with a wide array of sweets and other mouth-watering dishes, ready to be devoured by eager guests. Some of these included a variety of cookies, ranging from ube to coconut, containers of stir-fried noodles, and plates filled to the brim with dumplings. We asked a few of the guests that attended this event about their experiences being part of the Unity Clubs and enjoying this special occasion!


Nathan Nguyen ’26 – Guest

Q: How was your experience at the potluck?

A: It was great. I got to taste many foods from many different cultures. Everyone there, including the parents and the directors were very kind.

Q: What was your favorite food item at the potluck?

A: It was a type of Iranian bread. It was nice and spicy.

Q: Would you like to see this event happen again in the future?

A: Yes, I actually wish that this event could be a monthly tradition, not just for Thanksgiving. It’s a great way to foster community and unity here on campus.

Paul Pak ’26 – Guest

Q: What did you see at the potluck that surprised you?

A: I thought that the amount of people there and the amount of food that was served as well. It was a very big event.

Q: What did you enjoy about the Potluck?

A: I enjoyed learning more about my culture and other cultures as well.

Q: Would you like to see this event happen again in the future?

A: Yes, definitely.


That is all! This was clearly a fun experience for all of the attendees, and it was great to see everyone come together to create this collaborative event! We hope to see this event be hosted again next Thanksgiving, and for years to come! Be out on the lookout for more articles, coming to you on the Bell Online!

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