Black History at Bell

Black History at Bellarmine

To commemorate Black History Month we (the Bell Library) have created an Adobe Spark video, which is really a fancy slide show. This 4 minute video traces the history of Black students, faculty and staff at Bellarmine from the first African American graduate in 1949 right up to the 2016 BSU Retreat.

We have included many photos scanned (thanks to Kathy Anberg and Kathy Harville) from yearbooks and others generously provided by Steve Pinkston. And we could not have created this without the document Steve put together a few years ago “BCP African American Facts”.

It would be impossible to include every notable African American student in this brief video but we have tried to select young men who have excelled in a variety of ways and have been impactful while at Bellarmine and/or in their careers after graduation.

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