63rd Annual Bellarmine Fashion Show


Last Saturday on November 18th, 2017, the Bellarmine Mothers’ Guild helped host the 63rd Annual Fashion Show at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

This year’s theme, The Beat Goes On, centered on tradition, nostalgia and legacy — the steady heartbeat of our school and community. The show featured many heartwarming moments including the mother-son segment at the end of the show. Ms. Tricia, a Bellarmine mother who attended the event, described her experience “This was the first Fashion Show I was able to attend and it blew me away on all levels. This grand finale brought tears to my eyes. Such love! It was such an amazing night!”

The show was a success as it modeled the different fashions from each decade. Stefan Buckley ‘19 spoke about the show’s theme “I thought it was really cool to see the progression of each decade before finally seeing today’s fashion. My favorite was the 60’s decade where all the models had aviator jackets and sunglasses. The 80’s was also really cool because the models were dressed like hippies and carried fake flowers.”

The event included Bellarmine seniors and their mothers, faculty and staff, as well as senior girls from local high schools. The models from both Presentation and Bellarmine made the event entertaining. Buckley ‘19 elaborated on how “after watching the show, I think I will definitely do it next year. It just looked like lots of fun and something that I wanted to be a part of.”

Overall, the 63rd annual fashion show was a smashing success and helped raise money for Bellarmine’s tuition assistance program which provides tuition support and alleviate school costs for over 25% of Bellarmine’s students.

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