Celebrating Diversity: Bellarmine’s Korean Klub

Bellarmine’s Korean “Klub” is one of the largest cultural clubs on campus. The club celebrates the diverse legacy and unique history of Korean Americans, and the country itself, and provides students with links to their heritage. Members enjoy different foods at lunch such as traditional Korean BBQ and discuss about Korea’s rich history and current news while celebrating their Korean-American heritage.

Matthew Choi ’19 joined the Korean Club during his freshman year at Bellarmine. He was motivated to join: “I wanted to immerse myself around fellow Koreans, and learn more about Korean culture,” Choi said.

He also talked about some of the most interesting things he’s learned about Korean culture and life so far, describing “the amazing tourist attractions like the medieval castles, which not many people know about. We’ve also learned about how Korea got its freedom from Japan and about the relationship between South Korea and North Korea.”

He added that he thinks “clubs like this are very important, because Korean Americans might know they’re Korean, but they don’t really understand the culture behind the country they’re from. It’s a good way to learn about your heritage.”

Similarly, Nick Cho ’19 joined the Korean Club during his freshman year, but for different reasons. “I joined the Korean Club because I wanted to make more friends in freshman year and because the people I was already friends with joined.” He said the issue the club has discussed that most struck him “would have to be racism towards Koreans in Japan, China, and even the United States.”

When asked if he thought cultural clubs like the Korean Club help further discussion and awareness in the context of this year’s justice summit, Understanding Race in the 21st Century, Nick vehemently agreed. “They’re pretty important”, he said, “because people from other backgrounds can join one of these clubs and learn about another culture from a first-hand experience.”