Alex Scales ’18 is currently the face of Bellarmine’s track and field team and represents the dedication that both coaches and players put in on and off the field. Alex is currently in his last season of track and field and will be running for the University of Colorado next year.

Before participating in Bellarmine’s wide range of sports programs, Alex found interest in both track and baseball. He began running cross country in 6th grade and shortly after became involved in track and baseball. With many rigorous practices and games to attend, Scales conveyed the physical and mental toll that it had on his family.

“It was pretty entertaining for me, but it was hard for my parents constantly,” Scales said.

Eventually, Alex decided that his skill set was best fit for track and field. When deciding which high school to pursue his sport, his two options were either Branham High School or Bellarmine College Preparatory. After looking at both schools’ track programs, Alex felt that Bellarmine was the right choice for him.

When asked to compare the level of competition in high school, Alex felt that coaching was what separated middle school and high school sports

“The competition is definitely higher caliber,” Scales said. “The coaching is also much more advanced in high school compared to middle school. If I did not participate in club track and cross country, I wouldn’t be good as I was.”

Practices happen almost every day after school, Bellarmine conditions their athletes in the hopes of bringing out the best in individuals like Alex.

No career achievements or goals can be obtained without the help of family or close friends. For Alex, both coaches and fellow teammates have propelled him to much success as a Bell athlete. Mr. McCrystle played a large part in elevating his performance.

“He’s a very fair guy. He cares so much about people’s dedication to the sport which keeps Bells coming back to play next season,” Scales said.

Alex also noted that his well-rounded career at Bellarmine was also because of his coach from the Los Gatos track club, who often calls him to give tips and strategies before racing. His middle school coach even wrote a recommendation letter for him to attend Bellarmine.

Cross country and track are both non-cut sports, so there are a handful of students who start from ground zero when entering one of these programs. Alex believes that no matter what level someone is, Coach McCrystle will find a way to improve you as an athlete

“He helps to develop great runners if they are not as good from the start and builds them up to pretty decent runners, which is his main strength,” Scales said.

In terms of close teammates, Alex stated that he is friends with pretty much the whole track team, one of his closest friends being Meika BeaudoinRousseau ’18.

“You make friends on the team because the guys that you make friends with push you, and I think great friendships develop out of competition,” Scales said.

With over four years of experience on the track and field team, Alex has had many memorable moments. He noted that the most enjoyable event was the Penn Relays, where Bellarmine became the first school in California to win the distance medley. In the final stretch of his high school track career, he hopes that he makes it to Brooks PR, New Balance Nationals or State. Alex has set the bar for himself high but plans to ride on the great amount of momentum that has accumulated over 3 years of running.