Diwali Celebration (11/11/18)

By Aadit Trivedi ’21

Diwali is an Indian festival of light. In fact, the luminous omnipotence of light always prevails over evil, offering Indian culture a bright and traditional theme.

On Sunday, November 11, 2018, Bellarmine celebrated Diwali at Liccardo Center from 3 – 5 pm. As Mr. Jimenez, Director of Diversity, said on Sunday, the celebration was culturally enriching.

The entire event was put together by members from Bellarmine’s ISC (Indian Student Coalition), ISC members’ mothers, and Notre Dame’s SASA (South Asian Student Association).

The week preceding the Diwali celebration was a “Diversity Week,” which incorporated a multitude of events to celebrate Indian culture. On Wednesday, Bellarmine Indian Student Coalition moms distributed tasty snacks. On Thursday, NKD Arts came to Bellarmine and led a flash mob. And finally, Friday after school was when the Bellarmine Cricket Club hosted an entertaining cricket game.

It was only fitting that Bellarmine wrapped up the week with a large Diwali celebration. Arnav Bhau ’20 introduced the event followed by a prayer from Fr. Dickan.

Dr. Roy, a chemistry teacher at Bellarmine, continued with a few melodious songs accompanied by her husband who played the guitar.

After songs filled the ears of the attendees, the Bellarmine Indian Student Coalition presented a dance which set the pace for the rest of the evening. The dancers included Vishaal Jagannadhan ’19, Gautama Manja ’19, Sameer Chaparala ’19, Kevin Raphael ’20, and Aadit Trivedi ’21.

The ISC dancers were joined by dancers from Notre Dame’s South Asian Student Association. Sporting traditional clothing, the dancers from both Bellarmine and Notre Dame truly echoed energy among the audience.

Finally, at the very end, Bellarmine Cricket Club leader Stephan Silva ’20 surprised the attendees with his cricket equipment and invited everyone to play a game of cricket. The cricket game’s inclusion of experts and novices mirrored the cultural diversity echoed throughout the evening.

Overall, Bellarmine’s Diwali celebration was filled with an evening of fun and entertainment, allowing people of all backgrounds to experience a part of Indian culture. This is one of many cultural events that Bellarmine hosts throughout the year, so be on the lookout for more future events!

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