NFL Week 10 Predictions

After another week of football, the landscape of the NFL has changed. The entire NFC North lost their games, and the winless Dolphins actually won a game. The Bengals had their most successful week yet by not playing a game (They were on bye). Not to mention that the Colts had to go down to their backup QB, Bryan Hoyer, after Brissett, their starting quarterback, had an MCL sprain.

Jets VS Giants.jpg

The Giants and Jets will face off in the battle of New York this week at MetLife stadium. As of right now, the Giants have a better record than the Jets, due to Darnold’s decision to see ghosts. The Jets were shopping Jamal Adams at the deadline without his knowledge which may cause some chemistry issues. The Giants will win this game which will give confidence to Daniel Jones and the Jets will begin their pursuit for the No.1 pick to improve their team. By the way, during Week 13, the Jets play the Bengals. This race is becoming quite interesting.

Dolphins vs Colts.jpg

Moving forward, the Dolphins and the Colts will play each other. The Colts have had a strong start despite Luck’s decision to retire in August; on the other hand, the Dolphins decided to give up on the tank after the trade deadline and attempt to win some games. Jacoby Brissett is not a lock to play right now and Fitzmagic threw 3 TDs on the Jet’s defense last week. Despite the quarterback uncertainties for the Colts and Fitzmagic reaching into his bag of tricks, the Colts will still send the Dolphins back to their bottom-feeding ways.

Bills vs Browns.jpg

The Bills and the Browns face each other this week in Cleveland. The Bills have had an easy first half of the season that reflects their 6-2 record. However, their schedule gets harder from here on out with them facing the Patriots(again), the suddenly hot Steelers, the Cowboys, and the Broncos who beat the Browns last week. Meanwhile in Cleveland, their coach Freddie Kitchens is on the hot seat. After being projected as the AFC North favorites, they are now 2-6 with OBJ raging on the sidelines and having the NFL intervene over Landry and Beckham’s clown cleats. The Bills will defeat the Browns and will cause Kitchens to realize that while his team had a lot of hype going into the season, they are still the Cleveland Brown. #0-16.

Russell Wilson and Jimmy.jpg

On Monday Night Football, we have the 49ers taking on the Seahawks for the first time this season. The 49ers barely beat the Cardinals while the Seahawks had a shootout with the Buccaneers. Although the 49ers scored 51 points against the Panthers, The Seahawks have dominated this season led by Wilson who is having an MVP like season. In my opinion, the 49ers are not a legit team, and the Seahawks will show the rest of the NFL how fragile the 49ers really are.

Pack vs chargers.jpg

The Packers take on Carolina this week at Lambeau Field, the best stadium in football. Although the Packers struggled offensively against the Chargers, I am not to worried about them, I think it was just an off week. Not to mention they have the best quarterback in all of football, Aaron Rodgers. The Panthers have struggled defensively allowing 49ers and the Titans to score a significant amount of points on them. Expect the Packers to rebound offensively and dominate the Panthers.

Go Pack Go

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