Wine to Water Update

Four months ago, the non-profit organization, Wine to Water, visited the Bellarmine community to kick off this year’s Justice Summit, Economic Injustice Through Water. Their Founder and CEO Doc Hendley spoke about the importance of water and the incredibly high number of families around the world who lack access to a clean water source. Hendley’s mission was to raise awareness about the scarcity of water and to provide easy to use filters to water challenged countries. To date, Wine to Water has positively impacted 338 communities, completed nearly 1,000 projects and reached 750,000 people!

Hendley and his team gave Bellarmine students the chance and challenge to help these families in need, hosting an activity after school to let students create filters. These filters would be put to use immediately in Tanzania and make an immediate impact on people’s lives. Recently, Doc Hendley sent an update video from Tanzania outside of the site where their ceramic filters are made.

The Bellarmine community gives their undivided support to Wine to Water and sincerely hope that we can team up again to build filters for countries in need. Lacking access to clean water is one of the major problems found in our world today. Foundations like Wine to Water cannot do this important work alone. If we want to see change happen, we need to work together collectively to eliminate dirty drinking water and create a better world.

Go Bells!

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