The Bellarmine League of Legends Club

The Bellarmine League of Legends Club is a great way to watch and play the massively popular video game, “League of Legends.” Club-members aim to bond through playing with other students and watching tournaments. Fortunately, the club has so far managed well during the pandemic, and invites you to join! Bellarmine League of Legends is an enjoyable and amazing way to make new friends and build community.

Here’s how the game works:

League of Legends is a ‘five vs five’ game where each player picks a certain champion with their own unique abilities. The goal of the game is to kill the enemy’s nexus, a stone protected in each teams base. There are also monsters scattered throughout the field that give powerful buffs to any team that kills them. If a champion/player is killed, they have to wait some time to be respawned again — the waiting time ranges from fifteen seconds to a minute (it depends on how late in the match the game is).

Often short, their meetings are held every Wednesday to discuss what they plan to do for the weekend. Everyone in the club is encouraged to provide input on how to improve on the club’s performance at tournaments, as well as discussing general information about the game.

Asides from playing, club members also gather to watch professional gameplay. So far this school year, there hasn’t been any tournaments, but as more are scheduled, there are sure to be watch parties.

Join the League of Legends Club!

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