The Mystery Behind the New Ping Pong Tables

— by Domenic Brunet 23

When students returned to campus on August 16th, they discovered that many new features and amenities were added to the Bellarmine community. There were major new features like “Community Time” and “Flex Time,” but there were small-scale, activity-based additions as well. In the quad we now have a set of Cornhole, otherwise known as bean bag toss, wooden headboards, with invitations for students to use and enjoy. Likewise, there are also a number of new Ping Pong tables located around campus —– from outside the Sobrato exit doors to the entrance of Lokey. As the days have gone on, more and more of these tables are being used and enjoyed, sometimes with long lines of students waiting for a turn. Yet, some questions about the specifics of the Ping Pong tables have been raised. Below are some fundamental questions and answers from the administration about the tables. And now that we have them, students are encouraged to enjoy the tables to the fullest all school year long!

Will there be any sort of competitions involving the Ping Pong tables?

—– “I’m not sure. If the students would like to organize some competitions, I’d be happy to help out!” said Mrs. Luscher.

What are the hours for the Ping Pong tables, and how many weeks will they stay there for?

—– “The ping pong tables will stay out each day throughout the year. Because we were implementing the new cell phone policy, I thought that they might be a fun distraction for students. I had no idea they would be used as much as they are,” said Mrs. Luscher.

Who sponsors the tables?

—– “I worked with our CFO, Mr. Ron Miller, to order the tables, and Mrs. Atkinson ordered additional paddles and ping pong balls.” — Mrs. Luscher.

Where can you get the supplies to play for them?

—– “The supplies for the O’Donnell basement table are in the Dean’s Office. The supplies for the Lokey table can be found in the principal’s office (see Mrs. Atkinson).” — Mr. Kevin Miller

Is there a connection between the Ping Pong tables and the newly implemented cell phone policy?

—– “I never thought of it that way. Last year we saw that many of the boys on campus enjoyed playing Spikeball, Corn Hole, tossing a frisbee, or other games during lunch and breaks. It provided another way to interact with each other. Honestly, if we are asking that you all do not use your cell phones during the day, we should try to offer some alternative activities. Ping-pong seemed to be an easy one. It gives you all something fun to do and a different way to interact,” said Mr. Kevin Miller.

Special thanks to Mr. Kevin Miller and Mrs. Luscher for providing answers to these questions!

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