By Peter Ly ’23

Each year, every student receives an email about Bellarmine Academic Mentors, but some of you may be wondering what exactly this academic tutoring group is all about. So, the Bell Online has sat down and asked Ms. Fellenz about the group.

Ultimately, we learned that Bellarmine Academic Mentors is a peer tutoring group that has about 25 tutors come in at varying times to help their peers with work that they are struggling with. The best part about BAM tutoring is that it can fit the time of the tutor — tutors can still meet on Teams like they did last year to help their peers. Moreover, the tutors schedule appointments on their own time with underclassmen who need help in a variety of subjects. Typically, the subjects that are most often asked for are physics, Spanish, and chemistry.

Students who come to their peers for tutoring get to build academic skills that they need, such as being able to complete homework, plan ahead of time, and remain active in their studying. Ms. Fellenz noted that the students who actively come to BAM have their confidence grow.

Again, BAM is one of the meaningful ways that Bells who have taken classes that underclassmen are struggling with can give back to their community. Being a man for and with others extends to our own community as well, and becoming a tutor for others is one of the best ways to do so.