Spirit Week Highlights

By Ronak Chadha ‘25

After a yearlong hiatus due to the pandemic, the Bell campus was vibrating with energy during “Spirit Week” from October 18th – 22nd. With unique themes each day, Bells demonstrated both their creative spirit as well as competitive verve as each class competed for the Spirit Trophy. Leading the pack was the junior class of ‘23 with a whopping 2,080 points! They were followed by the seniors with 1,250 points, freshmen with 630 points, and sophomores with 340 points. In addition to all the daily festivities, the week was topped off with a thrilling water polo game against St. Francis on Wednesday, and the “Holy War” football game on Friday.

Each day brought a new and exciting theme. Monday’s theme was the “Most Spirited Bell Day,” where students dressed up in all their Bell gear to show their love for Bellarmine. Bell apparel on display included every article of clothing and accessories from head to toe: caps, beanies, hoodies, jackets, tshirts, masks, shorts, and pants.

Tuesday was not only “90’s Day,” but it was also the day of the long-awaited Belly Flop Contest! The Belly Flop Contest took place during Community Time and “shook up” the campus with waves of laughter. Additionally, not having the actual experience of living through the nineties was no deterrent for the ingenious Bells as they flooded the campus with color, denim and patterned jackets, washed out jeans, headbands, and other unique nineties styles that day.

Wednesday brought us “Music Day.” A karaoke battle ensued in the quad during lunch when Bell’s artists displayed their extensive musical talent and range covering old and new artists, and various genres from rap to pop. It was an amazing experience, showcasing the unique talents, cultures, and variety that make up the melting pot of Bellarmine.

Thursday was “Class Color Day” and featured a spirit rally! Freshmen were “fired” up in red, sophomores displayed their “sophistication” in black, juniors were “regal” in purple, and seniors the epitome of “calm” in pink. The spirit rally was a visual treat that shimmered like a rainbow with the class colors. Kudos to all who participated in the field goals!

Friday was a big day reserved for the “Holy War.” Bells dressed up in camouflage, many sporting camo masks, tops, and pants, with some adventurous Bells fully decked out in camouflage outfits. Although we hoped for a different outcome in the Holy War, the Bell football team put on a great show, cheered on by an electrified and supportive crowd.

As the curtain came down on this year’s Spirit Week, Bells could be heard across campus sharing anecdotes, reliving their favorite moments from the week, and looking forward to the next one.

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