Why is the Sobrato Lobby Always Closed?

By Tanay Doppalapudi ’24

The Sobrato lobby was built along with the Sobrato building about eleven to twelve years ago. Little has changed from then to now, except, of course, the new sign with “CLOSED” written on it. There is quite a lot of space, along with a balcony that has a view of most of Bellarmine’s campus.

The lobby, though closed most of the time, is used primarily as a space for visitors and audience members to gather during intermissions at events happening in Sobrato’s spectacular theatre (concerts, plays, etc.). Due to the numerous events held at the theatre, the lobby holds many visitors over the course of the year. Moreover, students from acting classes sometimes use the space to rehearse their lines and speeches.

Outside of theater-based events, though, the lobby is always closed to student activity. However, it wasn’t always like this. In the past, the lobby was also open during school hours. Students frequently used the lobby, and it was a majestic place of student communion and joy. So why was it closed?

When you do see the lobby, you will notice that the ground is carpeted, and that is a large part of what makes the space so comfortable. Unfortunately, that is where the problems arose. In almost all carpeted areas at Bellarmine, food and drinks are prohibited. When spilled, food and drinks are hard to get out of the carpet and could potentially create a stain. There were numerous reports of people eating in the area, spilling food, and leaving behind trash. Additionally, the lobby is located in close proximity to a classroom, S-203, and students were making too much noise, without much supervision. The situation was hard to control. As a result, the lounge was closed.

Hopefully, if the lobby ever reopens, Bells will learn to use the space responsibly, with rules and regulations in place.

Thank you to Mr. Marcel for providing us with some of this helpful information.


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