What’s our plan for rainy days?

By Tyler Craven ’24

As we enter the fall and winter seasons, the rain will become more and more common. Students often ask what will be done during rainy days that are out of the norm. Where will lunch be eaten if rain is pouring down? Will the schedule change at all to accommodate for crazy weather? Can we expect teachers to be less strict with tardy students? We asked our two deans some questions, and they gave us the answers to some of our biggest questions.

Q: Where will we eat lunch if it is raining?
A: During our perfect California days, students don’t have to worry about eating in extreme weather. Eating and hanging out in the quad has been the norm, enjoying the sun. But when the rain rolls in, we will need to eat in different locations. Liccardo will be an option, but it can’t hold us all. Specific classrooms will be open to students, as well as the Carney balconies, the tents, Sobrato overhangs, and even the gym.

Q: What will students do if it is raining during passing periods?
A: The passing periods are already long enough to walk as slowly as possible across campus before showing up to your class, so the length of the passing periods won’t change.

Q: Will students be granted some leniency regarding the tardy policy, if it is raining?

A: According to our sources, the tardy policy will not change. Students are expected to show up on time, following their normal schedules as closely as possible.


Winter approaches, so be prepared to have rainy days regularly. When we do end up having a true rainy day, make sure that you use your time wisely, stay out of the elements, and show up on time.