Bellarmine blows by St. Ignatius in an easy win

by Matthew Suh ’24

SAN JOSE — In a battle between two Bay Area WCAL teams on Tuesday night, Bellarmine breezed by St. Ignatius for an easy 61-45 win. Entering the game, St. Ignatius carried a 13-8 overall record with a 7-4 WCAL record compared to Bellarmine with an 8-12 overall record and a 3-8 WCAL record.

On the night, Bellarmine shot 28-42 (67%) from the field and 3-8 (38%) from the 3-point line. Many players contributed to Bellarmine’s big night offensively. Tariq Weiser ‘23 had a big game shooting 7-8 from the field, contributing 17 points, 7 assists, 2 steals, and 1 block. Nick Corbett ‘24 also had a nice game at Center, connecting on 7 of 13 field goals contributing 14 points and 7 assists.

Collectively, Bellarmine worked together for this win, with 9 of 15 (60%) players attempting at least one shot from the floor. All night, Bellarmine looked cohesive on defense and was able to get wide open looks on offense. St. Ignatius challenged them a couple of times defensively by pressing them full-court, putting pressure on Bellarmine’s backcourt. Because of this, Bellarmine was forced to pass the ball more often, leading to some wide-open looks.

Bellarmine looks to continue their cohesive play on Friday at 7:30 pm in San Francisco against the Archbishop Riordan Crusaders. Although Bellarmine lost a close one to Riordan back in January, Bellarmine looks to capitalize on their recent play and upset Riordan in what should be a very close game.

Matthew Suh is a staff writer and contributor for The Bell Online, Talking Points Sports, and The Press Box. Follow Matthew on Twitter @matthewsuh.

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